KiKi’s Story-from Roadside to our Hearts

We found this sweet little kitten on the side of the road on October 1, 2022 just after the leftovers of a hurricane swept through our area. We had wanted a cat. A cat to live in the barn to take care of mice infestation. And we wanted an orange cat. And a female.

We kept searching at the local Humane Center for a cat to fit our needs, but then decided that we really should not have a cat because of all the birds we had – pigeons, quail, chickens.

And yet, the next Saturday, while driving home from doing errands, Chris slowed the car down, sighed, and pointed to the right of our car.

I looked and BEHOLD – a little orange kitty!!!

I jumped out of the car and went up to her and took one look and thought “Yeah, that’s a no.” But I had called “Kitty Kitty” and she came towards me-oh, what to do?

Ugh, I scooped her up in my arms and snuggled her at my chest as we drove the rest of the way home.

Long story short, we really didn’t think she would live. Infested with mites, worms, Feline herpes and eye and respiratory infections. What a total mess! Plus black tar stuff all over her face!!

Well, a visit to the vet and some home remedies (castor oil on cotton ball got the tar stuff off her face after two weeks).

And now, we have the sweetest, most loving cat in the whole wide world!

She still is half-blind, but that is actually a blessing in disguise because she does not wander too far from the house (like the road), just hangs out with us where she knows she is safe. Even comes out to the barn as I do my morning chores.

And her and our Aussie Doodle, Barkley, have bonded and are the best of friends.

God works in very strange and mysterious ways. Now, she thinks she is the lioness of our home! She might come out to say hi to you during your tour. Just be careful, not to step on her!